Dogs are my passion, my hobby, and the occupants of my mind and spare time a large portion of each day and night! I pore over pedigrees, obsess over DNA, drive all over for health testing and shows, follow breeders who I admire, panic when progesterone peaks and it's time for breeding, worry when it's c-section time, get up at night every few hours to check on newborn pups, and have the long drive to the vet and dog shopping constantly. There is a lot of excitement, joy, and even heartbreak. A good breeder invests a ton of time, money, and energy...better known as blood, sweat, and tears!

All of that is so that I can produce pups that possess traits that make them good companions for all types of households, who are sweet, robust, and pleasing to the eye. They are smart, friendly, silly, snuggly dogs who adore people. They fit in well in a variety of lifestyles, from busy little country homes like ours, to one bedroom city apartment dwellers, and big families in the suburbs too. They are not barky or high maintenance dogs and require relatively little exercise compared to many breeds, but do love to trail behind, play games, and snuggle their humans as often as possible. They are definitely the clowns of the canine world, entertaining all no matter the location or activity!

I first started with Boston Terriers, which goes back to my teens. My first one was in an apartment in the city with my mom. After it was obvious that my whole family was becoming hooked on Bostons, we moved to a five-acre piece of land in the country and began raising them. It was a lot of work, but quite rewarding. Over time, we developed a good reputation through our solid breed-for-health mentality. We did no inbreeding, and we did health testing (BAER, CERF, & Patellar) on all our adults. Only adults who were proven healthy for at least one generation and passed their health testing were then bred. We had many happy families. My dream was always to have Frenchies, but they were always out of our price range, so it was 10 years later that I finally got my pair.

In spring of 2012, after college and small town living, my husband and I bought our first house on some acreage out in the country so our pooches would have more space; it's like playing in your own dog park all the time! Finally, I had saved enough to purchase our first French Bulldog female--an adorable wrinkly pied with huge ears and short legs named Sophie. Shortly after we got "the man Stan", whose fawn sable color and face wrinkles had me smitten. For three years this was my only breeding pair. Now I am five generations into these beautiful dogs, and my human kids get to enjoy them every day too.

Puppies that leave my home are provided with their first vaccination, dewormings, registration eligibility, vet check, guarantee, microchip, puppy pack, and lots of handling and potty training. People often have a very hard time choosing a puppy because they are all so sociable and affectionate. My puppies are very even tempered and are not excessively hyper or barky - this is thanks to so many generations of dogs chosen for their wonderful temperaments. When coming into my yard and home people are not overwhelmed by yapping, but rather, are happily greeted by smiling dog faces and lots of butt wagging. They bring so much happiness.

If you are interested in a pup, please fill out the Adoption Application and feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail after taking a look at the site.
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About Us
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