These are all dogs who live within our home, sleep in the house, and enjoy dunking themselves in water troughs, rolling in dirt, carrying rocks and sticks around, rough housing with each other and my kids, and generally running our little piece of paradise. We hope you enjoy their pictures.

I am very careful to breed with health and temperament as top priorities, and I'm always here to support my puppy families. Please click on the health testing link to learn more about what tests are offered and recommended for this special breed. If not bred very carefully, Frenchies can have a plethora of issues. My dogs are low maintenance, allergy free, and able to play outside year round with no constant temperature control or any special diets, and that's how we think it should be! Most prospects I buy or keep back do not actually end up breeding, and my dogs retire very young, so feel free to inquire about adolescents or adults available to loving pet homes.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Ladies and Gentlemen
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Located in central CA
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Up and coming
Top Hat's Willa You Be Mine
Fawn, 27 pounds
Health testing:
Heart normal
JHC, DM, HUU, CMR1 clear
OFA hips, patellar, spine, elbows & trachea normal
Rolo came all the way here from Serbia, from the prestigious Sommer Bully kennel. His pedigree is packed with multichampions and esteemed names I have admired for a long time. He is the epitome of a well bred dog: healthy, a quiet breather, calm and intelligent, loves the whole family and is the picture of French Bulldog type.
eBay Etaba Del "Rolo"
Cream, 20lb
Fourth generation TopHat
Health testing:
Genetically cleared by parentage JHC, HUU, CMR1, DM, cystinuria 3 clear
OFA patellar, trachea, spine, elbows normal
OFA hips "Good"
Gemma x Ghost
Willa is a sweetheart little girl we kept back from Gemma, the smaller sized, cream branch of my maternal line. Her daddy Ghost lended himself well to her beautifully roped face, and gave her a bit more bone than her mother as well. She has both of their amazing temperaments, being a constant shadow, calm, loving, playful, and all about the kisses. She loves the kids and everyone she meets. Thankfully, she is a decent breather despite her prominent wrinkles and smushed face. She was everything I wanted from both her parents and I'm so proud of her! I am delighted to have her daughter Bailey and granddaughter Ella to continue her special qualities.
Cream pied, 19lb
Health testing:
JHC carrier, HUU clear, CMR1 carrier
OFA patellar, trachea, elbows, spine normal
OFA hips "Fair"
Show placings: 2 RWD, 4 BIC

Ozzy came from a show breeder here in the US. I feel privileged to have been trusted with him! He is a very small, cobby guy, with a sweet, goofy, loving personality. His pedigree is outstanding, linebred on some beautiful and successful show dogs whose kennel names are prized world wide-the picture of American breeding done right. He pulled a couple of reserves at the awkward age of 10 months, so I am very optimistic about his show and breeding future! Pictured at 11-14 mo.
Red fawn pied, 27lb
Health testing:
JHC, HUU, CMR1, DM, cystinuria 3 clear
OFA patellar, trachea, elbows, spine normal
Show placings: 3pts and 1 RWB

Posie came all the way from Kazakhstan! I adore her Irish pied markings, deep red color, sweet wrinkly face, all set on solid conformation. It took me years to find an outside girl like her. Her European pedigree is just as lovely. Her personality is affectionate, bubbly, charismatic, and happy to please. Posie's showing debut kicked off with two Winner's Bitch wins. She has the most adorable, loving, loyal personality. Poise produced only one litter of two girls, both of which I kept, Cleo and Lottie.
Melodi Lav Zlata "Posie"
Bullworth Bark at the moon for top Hat
Top Hat's Sanmen follow the pied piper
Red fawn pied, 25lb
Fourth generation Top Hat and Sanmen
Health testing:
JHC, HUU, CMR1, DM clear by parentage
OFA patellar, trachea, elbows, spine normal
Rustie x Rolo

Piper is a dream come true, for myself and my cobreeder Tracy. She got the best of both parents, Rustie and Rolo, with exceptional conformation and temperament. Shes built like a brick house, all muscle, and often gets mistaken for a stud. She's always cheerful and wanting to please, and adores the kids. It's difficult to produce a quality pied, and this girl has soared above and beyond. She always has a smile on her face! Pictured at 10-15mo.
Brindle pied, 17lb
Health testing:
OFA elbows, trachea, cardiac, patellar normal
OFA hips "Good"
Posie x Ozzy

Lottie is the athletic one of my two pied girls from Posie x Ozzy. She can breathe freely, leap, climb, and paw like a cat! She's always troublemaking with some object, dragging it across the yard. She adores people and comes running to kids, happy to be led all over the property. She looks like a smaller version of her mother, and I'm very pleased with her development! Her ped is filled with a nice combination of European and American champions. Pictured at 12mo.
Top Hat's Got a lotta flash
Sommer-Bully Magic
Brindle pied, 16lb
Health testing:
OFA elbows, trachea, cardiac, patellar normal
Posie x Ozzy

Cleo is the teeny potato of my two pied girls from Posie x Ozzy. She is a great breather too, but prefers to be snuggled like the pocket sized cuddle lump that she is. She always finds the coolest spots to lounge in, like a little queen. She has the sweetest "pound puppy" eyes, though she hates photos! Her ped is filled with a nice combination of European and American champions. Pictured at 14mo.
Top Hat's la petit reine
Fremilen's Viktor
Fawn, 23lb
JHC, HUU, CMR1, DM, Cystinuria 3 clear
OFA elbows, trachea, cardiac, patellar normal
OFA hips "Good"

Wik is a Russian import, that made his way into American show rings and then to me! He is super sweet, intelligent, flashy, and takes his companionship duties very seriously, sticking to my side like a loyal shepherd. He's quite small and compact for a European dog, at 22lb. His conformation and musculature are outstanding, even as an 11mo, and his movement reflects it. He is an entirely free breather, as I always love about these Dicar lines!
Red fawn, 25lb
Health testing:
JHC, HUU, CMR1, DM clear
OFA patellar, trachea, cardiac, elbows normal
OFA hips "Good"

Magic "Butterz" comes from one of my favorite Hungarian breeders. Consistently beautiful show type, emphasis on health, and amazing temperaments are all qualities exemplified in this wonderful boy. He's also much smaller than the average Euro stud and carries cream. His temperament is incredibly sweet, calm, kind, and full of character. He is permanently owned and loved by a good friend, with retained breeding services. Pictured at 8-13mo.
Top Hat's Remington Shot
Red fawn, mature weight tbd
5th generation Top Hat
Piper x Magic
OFA testing coming fall 2022

Remy is such a little tank at such a young age! Perfect breathing and all the bulliness, without losing balance and health, I'm so proud. He got the amazing people pleasing, affectionate temperament of both his parents, as well as both of their physical traits in perfect compliment. To top it all off, he inherited that nice red coloring and carries pied and cream to reincorporate all my favorite traits into 2022. Pictured at 6mo.