With Nell's pup's first birthdays approaching Ben and I wanted to send you a little update on Moose and thank you for creating such wonderful dogs.

At almost a year old Moose is a whooping 30lbs - I cannot believe how big he is. Based on his size and the brindle coloring people are constantly asking what kind of dog he is (which makes me laugh because it's pretty obvious) people are always shocked when we tell them he's a BT because of his size. I think we did well by naming him "Moose" He looks just like his mama - tall, long and lean and SO handsome!!

Moose is definitely the center of attention at our house and is spoiled rotten (not too rotten though) he has learned many tricks: besides the obvious ones like sit, stay and down, he can roll over, shake, high five, stand, give kisses and balance a treat on his nose and than catch it. Most of these tricks we only had to do a few times, he was very easily trained.

He eats like a Lab and has the energy of a Border Collie. He definitely needs a good energy burning outlet a day. You told us he was the most energetic in the litter and that has not changed.

We just love him to death and cannot thank you enough for having such wonderful dogs. I know we'll be back in the future for another one!! Thank you Sarah for all your hard work!!

Abbey, Ben and Moose

Hi Sarah!!!
So let me thank you for the perfect puppy! He's such an awsome dog. He is such a head turner, people always are so amazed by his looks. He is pretty much the incredible hulk of Boston's!! He's a stalky buff handsome guy. My family and I really enjoy him and we can't wait to get another one! You truly are the best Sarah! Thank you so much!
(I posted this as part of a comment on one of your pics but decided to re post it to your wall so the world could know how AWESOME you truly are Sarah)♥
Today our Boogie Lee celebrated his 2nd Birthday, we adopted him from Sarah & her family when he was just a little tyke. Our lives have been forever changed since that cold October day in Sonora He is the light of our lives & brings us so much joy. We will never forget the day we met him at your loving & warm home ~ thank you again for raising such a great little boy ♥ I wish we could have another one or two or three or four of your AWESOME Bostons, but after talking it over, we kinda feel that our SPOILED Boogie needs to be an only kid-I could not imagine 2 or 3 or 4 of him ~ I mean the extra love would be awesome, but our nickname for him is " U. M. A. ", it means Up Momma's A**......he truly is my shadow & wants to go everywhere with me, he has separation anxiety worse than our last 2 Bostons-ummm I think because he does NOT know that he is actually a dog-my fault totally :o) I believe he will be a "toddler" for a while ~ our Bostie didn't "grow up" to be an old soul until about 3 or maybe even 4 years old.
WE WOULDN'T TRADE BOOGIE FOR ANYTHING, but I am sort of busy with work & a lot older than you & don't have your kinda energy Sarah :o) thank you again from the bottom of our ♥ hearts ♥ for our little Boogie Man, he has brought sooooooo much love to our lives & to the lives of EVERYONE that meets him-he has a HUGE positive aura surrounding him ♥ IF anyone is ever looking for "The World's Most Lovable Pet", they need not look any further than your home-you have a gift indeed-we are truly blessed for knowing you, your husband, Annabelle & girls ♥
The Kimzey Family
Hi Sarah, Sorry these are not the greatest photos. I'll send some better ones, but Yes, Brody is doing awesome. So cute and fun. We love him!! Thanks Jeff
Hello Sarah,

He will be 1 1/2 years old on August 4th, and he does remind me a lot of Stan. I've included some pictures for you.

I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Ok cool! Yea the frenchies are super cool. I love Abe he's awesome! Ok well I'll be in contact with you Sarah cause I really want just one more!!
Thank you Sarah for this beautiful little girl. 3 years of pure joy & love from MariJayne formerly Molly 🐶 🐾 💕
Hi Sarah thanks for sending the note along. Bernadette is doing wonderful and we couldn't be happier with her. Feel free to pass lngy contact information.
And feel free to give my email as well. Some pictures attached! She's a little peanut.

Hi Sarah,
My husband and I were talking last night while walking Buster (aka Kihker) and he wanted me to thank you again for breeding such a wonderful little guy. Buster is doing very well. He has learned a few tricks and is always happy. He loves our family so much and we love him right back! You did a great job with him. Thanks :)

Robbie and Lynelle

PS If anyone in our area is interested in your upcoming litters, they are welcome to come by and see Buster.
Hey Sarah!

I've been planning on writing a note to you for a while, to let you know how tremendously well our puppy has been doing! I wrote the most beautiful email quite a while ago, only to have the computer eat it. But I saw a Boston today who looked so much like Penny, I remembered I still hadn't written you back!

We re-named him when we got him, Doolie -- short for Jack Duluoz, a Jack Kerouac reference. (although Marley was such a fitting name it was tempting to keep it) And he's been turning out great absolutely great. He's feisty and playful, eager to please and very smart. I've been socializing him as much as possible, so he's super friendly with strangers, kids, other dogs (he runs with the big guys at the dog park and is like the energizer bunny) and great in the car. Over Xmas, we took him to both parents' houses (5 hour drive in between!) and he learned about cats ... my parents have a couple kings-of-the-household and Doolie spent 4 solid days this just trying to convince them to play. He's relentless! (but naps like a champ!)

He can come when called, sit, shake, beg, hi-5, lie down, roll over (with a little help) and, most importantly, let us know when it's time to go outside. He's getting good at heeling, as well as the constant terrier-struggle of "stay" -- I've been taking him to outdoor obedience classes, where the hardest part is standing still with so many other dogs (aka possible playmates) nearby.

I'll attach some pictures and maybe some video...
Oh and by the way, at 4 months he was already a lean 13.5 lbs! Now at 6 months he's at least 20! Eh, more of him to love, right?

One question about the CKC registration: I'm not planning on showing or breeding him...is there any advantage to registering him with CKC? I'd love to hear your opinion.

Alright, the longest email ever.
Tiiu (and Tim and Doolie)

I hope your enjoying 2011, so i have to tell you how much we enjoy our pup. We are so happy to have her and she keeps us smiling with her quirky manuvers. She has been such a wonderful addition to our lives. She has finnished all her shots, received a microchip, spayed, and is on her way to a happy 1st birthday. She is small but filling out nicely, currently 14 lbs. We've taken her to the snow which, she hates the cold, she's been to SF and walked along the Embarcadero, loves the dog park and cheered on athletes at her first triathalon. We bring her everywhere and is completly socialized and loves every dog and person, kid or grandparent. We take her running a few miles a couple time a week which she loves, along with chasing leaves. Her favorite toy is the tennis ball and old rags/towels.

Here are a few pics, thanks so much.

Alicia and Craig
Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for your card! I can't tell you how in love we are with our little girl ( "Olive Annabelle"). She is so silly and sweet-even when doing annoying puppy things! Here are some pics - right at home with new friend Mattie and many stuffies.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year!
Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to send along some pictures of Tilly (aka Piper) so you can see how she has grown. We are loving having her in our house and her big brother Tucker is so happy to have a partner in crime. She is hilarious and, as you can see from one of the pictures, loves crawling into the "toy basket" and scavenging around for the perfect toy. It's so funny to watch her flop out of the basket, with the toy in her mouth. We are taking excellent care of her and she is definitely spoiled with many toys and a big brother who is always willing to play tug of war! Thank you again for raising such great puppies. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Amanda and Preston
Hi Sarah!

We just wanted to give you an update on Swirls aka Finnegan. He is absolutely delightful and amazing! He is the sweetest boy--so lovable and cuddly. We definitely see a lot of Annabelle in him, he loves his stuffed toys (even though he destroys them in about 20 minutes), he's obsessed with the Chuck It, and especially loves kisses (particularly giving them!)

Also, we have been thinking about getting Finn a brother or sister sometime this next winter. Can you keep us updated on any possible litters from Annabelle in the near future?

We've attached a few pictures of him for you.

Thanks so much,
Meghan and Brian
Hi Sarah!

How are you? I am writing to give you an update on Jon Bee from Annabelle and Elvis' litter. We named him Hank. He is doing great! We moved from San Francisco to Kansas City back in February. Hankie really liked the snow! We were in a moving van for three days and he just sat on top of his carrier and was a complete angel the entire trip! He is a great traveling dog, and is always so good in the car!

Hank will be 7 months old in less than a week and he weighs 17 lbs. We had him neutered yesterday and he did great. After the anesthesia wore off you would never have known he had surgery. Where can I fax the papers to you?

He is doing great with the potty training, he goes outside almost all the time now. He can hold it all night and when we occasionally get home late from work he holds it all day! He can sit, stay, and lie down, and shake hands. All without puppy classes! We're going to sign him up now that he's been neutered. I've never known such a smart puppy!

He does some silly things, like he always wants to chew his toys on my feet, and when we take him outside he slides through the grass like a snake. It is hysterical! He loves other people and dogs. We are staying with my Mom until we find a house out here and she has two Yorkies. They didn't like him very much at first but he keeps trying to bring them his toys and stuff so they are coming around. He and the female play tug of war with a stuffed puppy and it's the funniest thing!

Once he settles down a little bit I'd love to get a little sister for him from you. He is so energetic that he really needs a playmate.

I've attached some pictures that I took from my camera phone, I apologize if they're a little fuzzy.

Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect dog and my new best friend!

Take care,

Jenny and Hank
Hi Sarah:

Dexter (AKA Ray Ray) is from the liter of Annabelle and Elvis born on October 12, 2007. Dexter is now 6 months. He is 22 pounds already! He has been neutered on April 9. He is soo sweet dog and sometimes very naughty. He is great with all dogs, children and adults. He loves to give kisses and to get kisses. He is so smart, loves games and we are go happy.

Thank you,

Shannon and Janet
April 2nd, 2008

Dearest Sarah,

Sweet Annabelle and handsome Elvis did a great job producing this litter because Brody, aka "Winston," is absolutely wonderful. I am writing you to let you know that my husband, William, and I just had Brody neutered this past Monday, and already, he's feeling much better and running around the house with his sister, Pepper, as I write this e-mail. Born on October 12th, 2007, he is now approximately 5 1/2 months and weighs 20-21 pounds. It's strange because "Winston" and his twin "JonBee" were the smallest out of litter. I believe he still has much more growing to do. What do you think? Also, Brody has much bully and extra skin all over his body, which I think he inherited from Annabelle. Strangely enough, whenever we go to our local dog park, he doesn't care too much about playing with the other dogs but rather go up and greet all the humans there! He is very good about not jumping or licking people's faces unless he knows he is welcomed. Also, I would like to mention that he is VERY passive and laid back as you mentioned in his description; he lets Pepper dominate everything and doesn't mind this one bit. Don't let his charm fool you; he does have a rebel, mischievous side like running away from me with an ink pen in his mouth and getting the ink all over my light suede couches, haha. He is quite a character, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to adopt Brody into our lives and into our family :-).

Let us know what else we need to do to get his papers. I have attached some adorable pictures of my little man. I hope you enjoy them!


Landee & William

I recently sent you a note with the spay info for Lola (Delilah from Annabelle & Pepito, born April 7, 2007). I wanted to give you a few recent pictures. She is doing GREAT! We love her very much and want to thank you again for her J. She is a beautiful girl and she is very smart and full of energy! She wants to give us loves and kisses all the time. She completed her puppy training and did very well. She recently started to sleep on the bed with us and LOVES it. She is completely potty trained and uses the doggy door we installed. She also loves our cat Jerry too! I have never seen an ounce of aggression in her and feel completely comfortable with her around my children and other animals. Playing is her favorite pastime! Thank You again for such a wonderful girl!!


Aubree & Family

P.S. She is 15 pounds now!
Hi Sarah,

Not sure if you got the first email I sent, however, I just wanted to let you know that "Fisher" now Sox who was born from Annabelle and Brave Sept. 11 2006 is now almost 7mo. He just went through his neuter on Friday and is doing very well. Bryan and I just love him so much, he is SO spoiled but really we wouldn't have it any other way. He is our little love bug who always wants to be with us, you were right! He also loves loves loves to give kisses, we can truly see why originally he was named "Fisher", fishing for kisses! I have to say originally I wanted a big dog (lab) and I'm so in love with this breed now that I think eventually we will be back to purchase another pup from you, so Sox can have a brother or sister J! He's been to the dog park several times and loves it. We always get compliments on him and in fact he met another boston for the first time last week and it was SO cute to see Sox run up to him, the connection was there! I actually referred the owner to your website along with another girl we met at the park. We can't thank you enough for taking the time to breed such beautiful, loving, healthy dogs. We'll be back!

Here are a few pics. The black and white one was just taken and the color one was him Dec. 2006.

Take care,

Kelly and Bryan
Hi, Sarah.

I know it's been ages, but I wanted to reach out to thank you. After two years of owning Dot - I believe your last Boston litter - we couldn't be more pleased. She's grown into a dream.

She's smart as a whip, sweet as can be and so funny and silly that she makes us laugh every day. She's also GORGEOUS. People stop us in the street to tell us what a beautiful dog we have.

Your attention to breed standards has netted us a wonderful family member.

You can see photos of Dot on her very own Instagram page https://instagram.com/dottheboston/ - she has quite a following started and it grows every day.

I notice that you have a new family member! Congratulations!!!

Wishing you all the best, and thank you again for breeding us such a great pet!

Best wishes,
Hi there! I just wanted to let you know we bought one of your frenchie last year back in March 2015 (Marco, the last one from the litter) and never really had a chance to follow up with you to let him know how he's doing. My family and I just wanted to say thank you because he is such a fun a loving dog and is very fit for our family (by the way, we changed his name from Marco to Wilbur). He loves playing balloon toss, cuddling with the kids, and talks a lot lol.. but again thank you!
I have thought of you almost every day Miss Sarah! We LOVE our Gabi more than words can say - she turned 7 months on Wednesday 3/1/17!.

She is spoiled rotten and we wouldn't have it any other way! She sleeps with one of my kiddos every night in a warm soft bed and probably gets kissed about 300 times a day, mostly by my husband. She loves to go one walks, although we are buying a special basket so she can go on bike rides with us too - omg!!

She is the SWEETEST girl, we just cant believe it! She will be spayed soon (this month) and get her chip at the same time. She has all her shots and is super healthy. She has never been sick once. I think she weighs 20 lbs and she is super shiny!

My husband is the crazy picture taker - so I will ask him to send me some photos of Gabi from his phone - then I will send them to you this weekend!!

Thank you so much for checking in - hope you and your family are wonderful!!!!

Blessings - Shea
Hello, Sarah! I love your posts! Here is a picture of my love Elroy! I am hoping one day to give him a brother or sister! Thank you for making my dream come true!
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Hi Sarah,

Just a quick note to say hello! We are so grateful for Dolly in these times to bring a bit of humor and comfort. She's truly the best!! We are already thinking of whether we should add another to give her a friend... ;)

Hope you are well.